Nautical Inspiration: Navy and White Wedding

I love when I'm challenged with incorporating a theme, a unique color scheme, or even interesting new materials into wedding flowers. So when local bride Cindy contacted me and kind of asked for all three, I was pretty excited!

 Her wedding is this weekend and is taking place in Door County, Wisconsin, a beautifully scenic area along the coast of Lake Michigan. She wanted that to be reflected in her color scheme and her wedding flowers.
Cindy wasn't picky about what types of flowers but with a color scheme that includes navy, the choices can be somewhat limited. I happened to have some deliciously dark blue Cornflowers on hand that I thought would be a great option as well as some beautifully summery daisies that brought in the white. Because both types of flowers have similar shapes and textures they were a great match--and more importantly, Cindy loved them! Using navy and white striped ribbon that Cindy mailed me with her contract, the finishing touches were really striking.

In one of our phone conversations, Cindy mentioned her desire to make things nautically themed because of her unique wedding location. She e-mailed me a few pictures and asked if I could work with the ideas using her choice of flowers. I was blown away by these unique takes on boutonnieres and corsages and immediately agreed to give it a go. I've never been a boy scout, so I had to learn some knot tying and had to track down just the right type of rope.
The boutonnieres: Mini daisy, leaves, knotted rope

The corsage: Mini daisy, cornflower, navy and white striped ribbon
Cindy and I had the chance to meet face to face when she picked up the flowers on Sunday and we just oohed and ahhed over what we came up with together. And that's what I love about this process--collaborating with brides, coming up with new and inspiring designs, and being a part of a project that makes people so happy and excited. Thanks Cindy for this fun opportunity and I wish you much happiness in your new marriage!