Fashionable Feathers

Georgia Bride Sommona had one specific request when we started designing her wedding flowers--she wanted peacock feathers as a main feature. I decided to take her ideas along a not-so-traditional route. Instead of matching the colors in the feathers with flowers, I found a way to make them stand out. By using lighter colored flowers for her September wedding, the rich tones of the feathers became more than just a subtle accent.

Her bridesmaids were going to be wearing midnight blue and Oasis blue, so the scheme still needed to coordinate, but in a funky vibrant sort of way. We settled on a nice green and white color scheme to complement the dresses and Sommona's style. She liked orchids and hydrangea and wanted a hint of purple in her bouquet. From those details, we constructed the look that was perfect for her.

Bridal Bouquet: White roses, white hydrangea, green hydrangea, green cymbidium orchids, orchid hydrangea, peacock feathers.
Toss Bouquet: White roses, orchid colored hydrangea

Both bouquets incorporated her bridesmaid dress colors with midnight blue satin ribbon with oasis colored ribbon ballerina wrapped and finished off with pearl-head pins.

Sommona's 6 bridesmaids carried a contemporary design with green and white hydrangea and an off center placement of 3 peacock feathers. These bouquets were also finished off with a ballerina wrap and pearl-head pins but in the opposite colors as the Bridal and Toss Bouquets.

Thanks to Sommona and her happy new husband for working with me on such modern and fun flowers. Blessings in your new marriage!