Tropical Heat and Bright Summer Colors

I don't know what it's like where you're from, but around here it's HOT! What better way to get into the spirit of embracing the high temps than with a few pics of a lovely tropical themed wedding?

Kathryn, a local bride, wanted a bright colored bouquet for her simple wedding. Her's would be the only bouquet and she needed a handful of extra flowers for her groom and family members. I sent her a picture of a grouping of flowers and she was able to choose the colors and styles she liked--essentially building her own bouquet. From there it was easy to come up with designs for the bouts and corsages, basing them on the flowers that we had already chosen. So grab a glass of iced tea, crank up the AC and take a look at Kathryn's luscious tropical treasures.Yellow Hibiscus, Ivory Callas, Flame Callas, Magenta Peonies, Dark Purple Orchids

Groom's Bout: Ivory Calla with mini flame Calla

Bouts: Mini Flame Calla lily

Corsages: Yellow Hibiscus with mini flame Calla.

Thanks Kathryn for working with me to create your fun and gorgeous wedding flowers.