Popular Purple Revisited

Next on the agenda in my world of purple is for bride Marie. We had a lovely time meeting together and talking about her winter wedding. Marie really wanted to have flowers that incorporated the color aubergine into her flowers. And she also really wanted flowers that were traditionally winter blooms. Being a January wedding, we finally came across Amaryllis as a great winter flower and a crisp white backdrop to her shade of purple. From there,we brought in roses for the bridesmaid bouquets and some of the bouts and corsages. Marie liked the biedermeier style so we started out doing a cluster of roses, surrounded by the amaryllis, but after some playing around Marie was more drawn to a subdued appearance of the roses so we tried tucking them underneath the amaryllis and it was a winner.

After some deliberation, Marie and her fiance' Jordan decided they wanted their flowers to be different from the rest of the bridal party so we started to explore orchids. I came across a beautiful fresh touch Phalenopsis orchid that worked so well with their style and their palette. Originally intended to be a biedermeier style cascade with amaryllis and orchids, the rough draft version of the bouquet seemed to be missing something for Marie. We had the luxury of Marie living near me, so we met again for her to take a peek in person. After reworking the design a bit, Marie was reassured when seeing the flowers in person and saw just how beautifully her ideas were coming together. We also decided to add some orchids into the top portion of her bouquet as well, making it look as if they were almost dripping down the amaryllis.

After settling on a few more details we took another look at the flowers and Marie really wanted to have a more cohesive feel between the bridal party flowers, so it was as easy as adding a few orchids to the bridesmaids bouquets and we were pretty much finished. Add a little ribbon and a little bling and voila!

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

Toss Bouquet:

Bridal Bouquet:

Thanks Marie for working with me, giving me such excellent feedback and for the fun meetings we shared. I wish you and Jordan a beautiful marriage!