Popular Purple Wedding Flowers

Local bride Kelly was the first one to kick off a whole trend of purple weddings for me. At our first meeting at the ever popular Caribou Coffee, she was still unsure of her wedding colors, but did know that she liked orchids. A few weeks later she came back to me with a color swatch and we started our mission to come up with some fresh designs featuring a lovely deep purple.

Kelly wanted her girls to carry a mixed bouquet of greens and purples, but she wanted a lavender, green, and white bouquet for herself. At that point I got to do one of my favorite things to ease the process along...I got to browse! Since Kelly was open to most anything except roses, I headed to my massively stocked local supplier to get inspired. The items I discovered suited Kelly's style and we started the next step of the creative process together. Along the way, we tweaked some of Kelly's original design ideas but what ultimately came out was one happy bride, and a lovely new couple.

Hand-tied Bridesmaid Bouquets: Tulips; Hydrangea

Boutonnieres; Corsages: Dendrobium orchids; Hydrangea

Cascade Bridal Bouquet: Phalenopsis; Dendrobium orchids, Rockcress

Thank you Kelly for allowing me to join you in this part of your journey.