An Elegant Twist on the Classic Red

When people think of the perfect classic wedding flowers, roses frequently comes to mind. Because it's numero uno, I love it when brides go out of their way to make such a classic style more unique.

 Such was the case with bride Megan. She wanted the rich look of solid red roses in a handtied bouquet, but wanted her design to stand out from the norm. We accomplished that by not trimming the stems as much and giving it the look of a long-stem bouquet. While a lot of the styles right now dictate short and mostly exposed stems, Megan wanted the elegance that length communicated to her. So with that in mind, together, we designed a beautiful modernization of a classic wedding bouquet.

The Bridal Bouquet:

The Bridesmaid Bouquets:

The set:

Ivory satin ribbon finished off the look that was created using open garden roses mixed with smaller buds. Thanks Megan for bringing a new twist to a timeless look!