Reason 6 - Green is Good | Environmentally responsible wedding ideas

So the big thing these days is going green and while that's hard to do with a ceremony that tends to be about extravagance, silks are an easy and conscientious choice. Just consider their longevity and the possibilities for future decorating. Instead of trashing your bouquets at the end of the night or paying a fortune to "preserve" them, you'll reap the benefits of beautiful flowers not just for one night, but for a lifetime. Here's just a few ideas on how to make those flowers last even longer.

  • Consider giving centerpieces to special people who helped make your big day go smoothly: aunts, sisters, cousins, family friends, your personal attendant, etc.
  • Present personal flowers in a unique way. If the flowers come with a note about what that person means to you or in a cute box, your loved one will treat their flowers as a gift. You know your grandma is going to treasure her corsage forever -- mine still has hers proudly displayed on her entertainment center.
  • Use your bridal and bridesmaid bouquets for double decorating duty by putting them in vases at the head table or around your reception venue. Then give the vases as a gift to your girls.
  • You could even donate arrangements to a senior center or church.
  • Love your bouquet but need a different way to display it after the wedding? Think about having it re-arranged or enhanced to match the decor of your new love-nest.

Sure, it still takes energy and resources to create silk flowers, but you can't argue with the fact that your bouquet will still be just as beautiful at your 50th anniversary party.

So whatever you can do to help our environment, all the better. Whether that includes silks in your future or not, remember that the environment is our friend.

Have a green week!