Reason 5: "Designer" Doesn't Mean "Over Budget"

While I'm all for exploring your crafty side, but creating your own wedding flowers can turn into a disaster pretty quickly. Believe me, I have enough cuts, hot glue-gun burns, and scratches to verify my willingness to take one for the team to get you the perfect flowers.  At such competitive prices, you can afford to have a professional create beautiful silk arrangements and have confidence they aren't going to fall apart on the way down the aisle. 

With Love is Blooming your flowers will be custom, designer masterpieces based on your ideas, your pictures, and your dreams. They are called 'Designer' for a reason. Save yourself the time, money, and heartache of trying to learn as you go and trust someone with the experience and the passion to get it right the first time.

Don't press your luck too much this St. Patty's Day;) Drop Love Is Blooming a line and tell me about your dream "Designer" flowers.