Photo Finish: Vintage Wedding Flowers

I'm pretty sure there's no better feeling than seeing my work "in action," so to speak. These shots, provided by their photographer, are some of the best shots I have received from brides I've worked with. I literally almost fell off my couch when I saw this first one.

I met with Amy and Nathan at a local Caribou for a chat about how to get a vintage look with the flowers. Their ceremony was being held at Minnesota's Varsity Theater and they wanted every detail to reflect their theme. They also were planning on using Peacock feathers for boutonnières and wanted them also to be in the bouquets. We worked together to find the perfect colors and flowers to flow with the atmosphere of their site and tie in with the feathers. What we came up with turned out wonderfully which is why I am happily gazing at these pictures -- what a picture-perfect couple. I can't help but feel like I'm looking back in time with the finger curls in Amy's hair and Nathan's dapper pin-stripes.

The great thing about this job was that Amy and I had the chance to work closely to figure out how to get everything to come together. We reworked the design until we found a way for the feathers to show their face in just the right way. That's one of the benefits of using silk flowers, we had the chance to collaborate together to find perfection.

Thanks to the happy couple!

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