Silk Wedding Boutonniere on Smell-o-vision = Television. Get it?

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I seriously considered writing a limerick, but that would take a little more brain power than I have left after being interviewed on live television. Concentrating on swallowing, breathing, not looking demented, and doing a demonstration on silk wedding boutonniere crafting used up a lot of what brain activity I had left. My pulse has returned to it's normal rate and now I'm able to share with you about my exciting experience being interviewed on live television about my sweet little business.

One of our local community stations decided to do their quarterly live show all about weddings. They tracked me down as a local florist and offered me a spot to share about what I do, why I do it, and why silk flowers are a good choice for weddings. I was honored to even be asked and of course said yes before I thought about the ramifications of how hard I would have to work to not sound resoundingly Minnesotan, dontchaknow? So before I ramble too much and lose what's left of this online audience, take a peek:

A big thanks to QCTV and the producers there who gave me such a great opportunity to tell my local community about Love Is Blooming. If you saw the show and happen to run into me on my 9th Target run of the week, give me a "hey there!" and just pretend I spent as much time on my hair and outfit as I did for the show. And if you are interested in hearing about what I can design in silk flowers for your wedding, send in the Free Bride's Checklist today and get a quote from your newest neighborhood B-list celebrity;)