Silk Bridal Bouquet Reviews

There's almost no better way of knowing whether something is good or not than when you hear it from someone else. "You have to try that new restaurant, the food was amazing!" "I just bought the most comfortable pair of shoes." "My dog stopped eating things off the counter since we started him on his new dog food!" You get the idea;) So when I get a great silk bridal bouquet review from a bride, husband, mother, whoever, the responsible thing to do is share it with all of you!

Catherine's bridal bouquet review

Catherine, who you may remember from this recent post, sent me a photo from her wedding day. We had worked together to find the perfect matching roses for her bouquet and I think we did a pretty darn good job! 

Don't they look fantastic?

Don't they look fantastic?

My experience with Love is Blooming was very heart warming and exceptional. This vendor went all out of their way to match the color of the silk bouquet that I wanted. Mrs. Erin responded back to my questions promptly and she did a very beautiful job in arranging and styling how I wanted my bouquet. She emailed me pictures of every stage of creating my bouquet in case I wanted to change something or not. She is the best person that I know of that will work with you especially if you are on a tight budget. I will recommend her and this vendor to all the couples who are planning to marry in the near future.
— Catherine D. | Georgia

Reviews are a great way to read about various vendors who might be working with you to create your dream wedding. If you are considering using silk wedding flowers in Minneapolis or anywhere in the country, get in touch with me today to find out how we can make that perfect match for you too!