Minneapolis Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation- Christmas Surprise!

Heather got in touch with me after trying to save and preserve her daughter's bridal bouquet from her June wedding. When it didn't turn out like she hoped, she started looking around for someone to make a silk bridal bouquet recreation so she could give it to her daughter as a Christmas gift. Enter Moi! With only a few weeks to the big jolly holiday, we started exchanging emails and pictures to find just the right flowers.

One thing I discovered is that the filter or editing tools your photographer may use is something to be aware of. In the two pictures below,  you can see how the pinks vary in darkness based on the lighting and possible editing used. It was so great to have Heather on the line...ahem, email...to provide feedback specifically regarding the colors in the original bouquet.

That dress though!


What a beautiful bride and family!  I love that Heather thought of such a meaningful and unique Christmas gift for her daughter.

Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Since Christmas has long since come and gone, maybe your anniversary is on the horizon! Or maybe your birthday vacuum cleaner didn't go over so well last year. This could be the year to wow that special lady in your life with a custom bridal bouquet recreation. Better gift giving is just a click away.