Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation- Autumn Edition Part 2

This summer was a busy time for fall weddings and silk bridal bouquet recreations, as well as for travel and other summer fun things with my family. That's one of the really awesome parts about my job. I'm able to enjoy my family time and still create custom silk flower arrangements, all year long!

Autumn Wedding Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Lee contacted me in July to have his wife's bridal bouquet recreated and to be delivered in September. This gave me plenty of time to track down the beautiful flowers from her original bridal bouquet, work on other clients' arrangements, take my kids to the park and zoo and camping.  I was able to put together Lee's bouquet, email him pictures for feedback, make the tweaks, add the finishing touches and ship his bouquet to Washington with time to spare! And Lee didn't have to wait around hoping his wife's gift was going to show up in time for their anniversary or that it wouldn't look like he wanted it to.

A wonderful experience, from initial emails to delivered product. The bouquet was a mirror image of our original wedding bouquet!
— Lee N. | Washington

Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation: Before and After


Here's a photo of the original bouquet Lee sent me. He was able to give me a few more details to fill in the blanks before I got started on the recreation bouquet. This beautiful photo is by:

If you are interested in having a bouquet recreated for fall, winter, or anytime, contact me today for a free quote!