Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation- Autumn Edition Part 1

I don't know where you're at, but here in Minnesota we are back to pants and coats in the morning, windows open and a little sweaty in the afternoons. That tells me that fall is just around the corner! The silk bridal bouquet arrangements I've been creating have been another sign that fall anniversaries are on couples' minds.

Back in May, Anna sent me an email saying her 10th anniversary (woohoo!) was this fall and she was planning a vow renewal. She wanted to be able to feature her bouquet, recreated in silk flowers for the renewal. Her tulip, orchid, berry bouquet was gorgeous on its own, but Anna wanted to bump it up a notch and add some bling into the bouquet. She decided to keep the handle simple as she planned to display it in a vase after the renewal.  I got to work and was able to find everything we needed to recreate her stunning bridal bouquet.

Anna on her wedding day- beautiful bride!

Photo credit: Valery Shpak; Brooklyn, NY

Thanks again to Anna for bringing me into her special plans for her vow renewal this fall. Maybe you have a vow renewal or other special way to commemorate your upcoming anniversary--have your bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers for a meaningful and unexpected gift. I can help with that!