How to Order Silk Wedding Flowers

The flowers for your wedding are important part of your big day. You'll want to choose the perfect flowers and colors to compliment the beauty of your ceremony and reception. Determining whether you'll order fresh or silk wedding flowers is the first step. In addition, you'll want to consider the ordering process to ensure a hassle-free experience leading up to your big day. 

The Fresh Florist Process

I just came across an article that outlines the process for nailing down your contract with a fresh florist. It was well written, thorough, and...complicated. I couldn't help but think that it was quite overwhelming and seemed brutally time-consuming. Let me sum up what this article proposed it would all entail:

  • Scheduling appointments to interview multiple florists
  • Meeting again with the one you choose to get a quote
  • Going back to your florist to review quote and make changes
  • Go home and think about contract
  • Go back and discuss payment options, cancellation policies, how to make changes, discussing hourly/delivery/additional on-site service charges, coming up with a list of flower substitutions that are acceptable vs. unacceptable
  • Sign the contract and pay deposit
  • Go back several times to discuss final designs and quantities
  • Wait until your wedding day to see exactly what's going to show up.

Ordering Silk Wedding Flowers with Love Is Blooming

Now it's fairly obvious that I'm biased towards my own process, but here's why:

  • Email Erin with pictures, ideas and details you'd like included
  • Receive an email with design ideas, some pictures and a free quote
  • Like the quote, email Erin to say, "Looks awesome!" Receive an emailed contract and detailed list of exactly what each arrangement will include.
  • Pay 50% Deposit
  • Receive emailed pictures as arrangements come together and to approve final versions of everything.
  • Pay balance, receive flowers weeks or even months in advance.

Did I mention you don't have to leave your house, couch, or pajamas to get the wedding flowers of your Pinterest board dreams? Did I also mention that you'll be guaranteed to receive the flowers in your original designs? Did I also mention I have lots of happy customers to attest to these facts?

Whether you've got months or over a year to plan, send in your Free Bride's Checklist today so you can just kick back and watch Netflix guilt free.