Destination Wedding Bridal Bouquet Recreation

In just a month's time, or less, you can be like Chris--a thoughtful, romantic, creative husband who surprised his wife with a unique and touching anniversary gift. All it takes is a photo or two, a desire to be an awesome gift giver and well, ahem, payment. But that's all, I promise!

Bridal Bouquet Recreation in Silk Flowers

Original Bridal Bouquet

Since Chris got married in Hawaii, he wasn't too sure of the flowers from the bouquet. Thanks to an old photo with his invoice, we were able to figure out some of the flowers tucked into the bouquet. However, since it was Hawaii, I could see that some of the flowers were different from the invoice, probably fresh-picked from the grounds of their resort. Thanks to the invoice and the picture, we were able to piece it all together and do a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers in just a few weeks time for Chris' anniversary dinner.

If you are looking for that special gift, for that special someone, search no further! Send me your pictures and let's get started!