Silk Wedding Flower Custom Design Process: Part 1

I wanted to take the time to explain how my custom silk wedding bouquets design process works--which is much different than how many wedding florists do it.  There's probably some of you out there who are nervous about what it all entails since you've never done this sort of thing before.  If that's you, take a quick read over on my recommendations page and then come back here for a real time example of the custom design process.

There's a few ways you might start working with me: you might fill out my Bridal Checklist , you might give me a call, or you might email me to set up a consultation. As was the case for bride Jennifer, she found my website and blog and gave me a call.  We chatted about her vision for her bouquet, she told me about her favorite flowers, and she sent me pictures showing her color scheme and style choices.  With the ball squarely in my court, I got to work finding the perfect flowers, taking pictures and emailing them to her for feedback.

Here's an example of the white flower options I found for her.  If you set up a consultation with me, you'll get to see your sample stems in person.


Her colors were white, purple and black and she wanted to incorporate all three in her bouquet.  I suggested she used these Anemones for the purples and black and choose a few of the white flowers to mix in.

I also sent her a few other options (daisy and hydrangeas) that she wasn't crazy about so we moved on.

To give her an idea of where I was going with all this I tossed them all together to give her a rough draft of some of the options.

At this point, she had a better idea of what she liked and what she didn't care for.  I took those flowers out of the picture (literally!) and gave her a more accurate look at where the design was going.  This is usually the point where brides start using words like, "love," "beautiful," and "happy."

With her flowers chosen and the general design figured out, we move on to step 2, finalizing and constructing.  Check back tomorrow to see more!