White Bridal Cascade Bouquet & Sentimental Details

Surprisingly, the all-white wedding bouquet is turning out to be a rare sight at weddings these days. But white can be a great "color" to set apart your bouquet from the bridesmaid's bouquets. Take a look at Rachel's silk wedding bouquet of white Roses, Gardenia, and Stephanotis. Made in the cascade style -- it's in the language of wedding tradition but has the dialect of a more modern bride. We added in some rhinestones to really up the subtle beauty of this bouquet.

Rachel had a small handkerchief that was her Godmother's that she wanted to include in her bouquet. She didn't want it to be a main feature, but wanted to include it in a way that was visible to her since it was a sentimental piece for her. We decided to tuck it in behind the ribbon on the handle, just leaving a small portion of the lace peeking out.

With such a feminine style of bouquet, we wanted to include the same flowers in the groom's boutonniere without making him feel like he had to wear a girly flower. We used one of the smaller Gardenias and 1 Stephanotis flower to keep the two arrangements in the same theme. Then to give the boutonniere just a little something extra, we added a rhinestone to the Stephanotis. Manly, but matching--can't beat that!

Thanks to Rachel, for choosing me to design such a special bouquet with sentimental value!