Highlights from the Expo

A big thanks for all of you who stopped by my booth at the Carlson Craft, The Knot, and Minnesotat Timberwolves sponsored event, Wolves and Weddings.

I had such a blast putting my booth together and getting to meet some fun and adventurous brides and grooms!

I even had one groom who had signed up for the event on his own, going around to all the booths collecting info and was going to surprise his bride the next day with all the research he had done. It didn't hurt that he got to do it while hanging out with his buddies and watching the game.

One of my favorite parts about getting ready for the show was this brand new focal point piece. I'm pretty sure no one could ignore the giant rose pomander I had on top of a 36" vase filled with orchids. Men, women, and kids all stopped to check it out and ask if it was real. I still get giddy at the look of shock on people's face when I tell them they are all silk flowers. I didn't have to worry about people breaking off petals, keep the stems watered, or all the gorgeous whites turning ugly brown by the end of the event.

I also had a good variety of sample bouquets in different colors and styles for brides and grooms to check out. The biggest hits were my new fall bouquet, a gorgeous bouquet of fresh touch Calla Lilies, and a very elegant and chic Blushing Bridal Bouquet. Check back next week for some up close and personal introductions of those three styles. Boutonnieres and corsages were also featured, as well as this cake display you may remember from before.

Now, for those of you who took a moment to sign up for GenerationMe giveaway, the winner will be announced on Tuesday, February 15. Be sure to check back for the announcement as well as more fun posts full of gorgeous flowers.

Thanks again to Carlson Craft, The Knot, and the Minnesota Timberwolves for a great event!