Silk flowers Inspired by example bouquet...Part I

It's pretty common for brides to come to me with some sort of inspiration already shaping their ideas for their flowers. In some cases, it's just a vague idea and sometimes it's pretty clear. Then you get brides like Jennifer who end up having a little bit of each.

I had the pleasure of doing a consult with Jennifer and her fiance since they live in the same town as me. At our first meeting we talked about her wedding flower ideas which boiled down to ivory callas with somehow tying in her dark purple accent color to some of the arrangements. For several months we hunted around for orchids or some other flower in a good color match. But because of the depth of the color we couldn't find a great match in callas so we had to come up with plan B--tie it all together, literally, using purple ribbon. What we found was a perfect color match to the swatch she had given me. We found some dark purple hydrangea brought the accent color into the centerpieces, corsages, and also really added a punch of color to her beautiful altar garland.

Jennifer was pretty open to my design suggestions and when it came down to the details, she wasn't feeling picky, but she also wasn't sure what she wanted. Then she found a picture of a ballerina wrap on a bouquet that looked almost identical to hers. It was a perfect fit for her style, her bouquet, and her wedding. For Jennifer, it wasn't about mimicking an entire design set she had seen somewhere, she wanted her flowers to reflect her personality and her tastes, so when she found something she loved, she wasn't afraid to ask for it. Her flowers turned out absolutely beautiful...check back to see more of the finished products.