Spring Pieces - The Multi-Use Prom Bracelet Corsage

It's always fun to try new things in flower design. I recently had someone call and ask for a boutonniere and corsage for prom. These smaller projects are fun because I can get my creative juices flowing and whip up some fun little arrangements. Conor called me to say his girlfriend would be wearing a turquoise/teal dress and his vest would be light blue and turquoise. I knew finding flowers in that hue would be tough, so instead I started looking for a way to bring the color in with a non-floral embellishment. He liked the idea of a white flower so I used that as my "canvas" and went from there.

His bout was a single open Ranunculus with some grass accents and silver ribbon. I wanted to keep this stylish but masculine--I didn't think fru-fru is what this high school athlete was going for. The grass keeps it interesting without being over the top.

For the corsage, I found a beautiful silver and turquoise beaded bracelet; the perfect pop of color. I used a single larger Ranunculus and buds, adding in more grass to frame the flowers, a little bling to add sparkle and a ribbon bow to fill it out. The great thing about the bracelet concept is that it becomes more than a corsage. She has the option of removing the flowers after the event and having a beautiful bracelet to remind her of their magical evening together.

At less than $30 for the pair, these personal flowers have all the look of fresh without the price tag. If you are interested in learning more about what I can create for your special event, send me an e-mail with the details and I'd be happy to work with you on designing the perfect flowers.