Sunny with a chance of...Happiness!

There's just something about sunny, yellow flowers that brightens a person's mood! So when I picked up these gorgeous yellow roses for bride Nicole's April wedding, I couldn't help but smile each time I walked past them on my shelf. Then, on another trip to pick up flowers for a bride, a charming little stem of Memosa called out to me. Knowing they would look so great with the yellow roses currently in my possession, I had to buy some for a temporary design session. It's no secret that I love a good monochromatic bouquet, so bringing my little goodies home and throwing this bouquet together was much fun. It's simple and yet a little surprising!

If you have some great flower ideas for your wedding but don't know where to start, contact me to set up an appointment or to hear a little bit more about how I can help. Until Nicole's roses are ready for their big moment in her bridal bouquet, I think I might leave those Memosas right where they are in their sunny little home.

P.S. Wrote this post a few days ago and then proceeded to paint my work area "Sunbeam" yellow at 10 p.m. that night. Crazy? I know.