[Bride Meet & Greet Week] Natasha

Back in May, Illinois bride Natasha met with me and brought her fiance' along for our initial consultation that resulted in the order for their Minnesota wedding. The inspiration for their colors came from their invitations that they helpfully brought along. Natasha gave me a heads up prior to our meeting as to what direction they wanted to go with colors and flowers so I was able to have a few samples at the ready. Their vibrant palette of purple, spring/lime green, and white came to fruition via classic white Garden Roses, whimsical lime Button Mums, and rich purple Anemones.

We worked on the bouquets together to decide on the flower placement: random and bunchy vs. orderly and neat. With a winner chosen, I got to work setting the designs and shaping out all the bouquets. Because she's from Illinois, we relied heavily on pictures where words wouldn't do justice. When Natasha was able to come to town, her time was full of taking care of other wedding details, so it was that much more important to work through everything virtually.

When everything was finished up, we coordinated a time to meet the next time she was in town. Showing up at a local coffee shop (ahem, Caribou Coffee I love you) was a seriously exciting experience for me. No, not just for the delightful beverage, but for the fact that Natasha brought 3 of her bridesmaids along. Giddy after coming from her bridal shower, Natasha introduced me to her friends and we got to the real heart of the matter--the flowers! Smiles shown all around as I carefully took out each bouquet and presented them to the guest of honor. Natasha had already seen her flowers in a series of e-mailed pictures, but the smile on her face told me she was happy and excited and satisfied with what I brought that afternoon. And then another thing happened, Natasha had to actually correct one of her maids impressions by telling her that the flowers were silk. *Sigh* That was a truly great moment for both myself and Natasha because we had accomplished one of our goals, creating beautiful and realistic arrangements.

As I drove home that afternoon, sipping my strawberry-banana smoothie, I felt satisfied in having met and surpassed my client's expectations. Thank you Natasha for being easy to work with, for sharing your vision with me, and for letting me be a part of your big day!

Check back tomorrow for pictures of Natasha's flowers.