Vow Renewal: Wedding Bouquet Replica

For some of us who have been married for a few years, it might be tempting to look through the vast world of wedding blogs and consider what it would be like to get married all over again. Would we choose a different style of dress, hold the ceremony outdoors instead of indoors, add more to the photographer budget and cut back on the DJ?

This past weekend, I had the honor of standing up in the vow renewal ceremony that my brother planned as a surprise for his wife of 5 years. And, oh yeah, I did the flowers too. ;) Their wedding in 2003 was a beautiful event that made me cry like a baby sister should, but also look forward to my own big day just three weeks later. (Yes, you read that right, three weeks...almost gave our parents coronaries.) This renewal ceremony didn't focus on the dress, the stationery, the menu, or the flowers. It was about honoring their marriage commitment and focusing on what lasts.

In the midst of planning your wedding, try to keep in mind the big picture. Five years from now, you may have a different opinion of what kind of bustle you should have done or which kind of cocktail would have been the perfect signature drink. But the point is that your marriage vows aren't ever going to go out of style, despite what your children will say about your choice in bridesmaid attire. So make sure to include plenty of thought and preparation in all your details, including those all-important words spoken to your beloved.

And of course, I just have to share some pics of the flowers...a toned down version of their original fresh wedding flowers.

My sister-in-law's bouquet.

The "bridesmaid" bouquets.

My brother's boutonniere.

Their 3-month-old son's boutonniere.

Know someone considering a vow renewal? Why not suggest that they have their wedding flowers recreated using silks. From your wedding photos, your flowers can be replicated almost exactly. And your new bouquets will be a great keepsake to remember such a special event.