Don't Blow the Budget

Yesterday while eating lunch, I happened to catch the Forbes top 20 most expensive celebrity weddings. Topping off the list was Liza Minelli's 2002 nuptials to David Gest. While Liza is known to be a little over the top, I was shocked to learned how far she went to make her Manhattan aisle-walk happen...$3.5 Million!!!! I almost choked on my salad at the sheer extravagance of such an event. And to make it even more of a jaw-dropping story, they spent $700,000 alone on the flowers. $700,000! Florist to the stars Preston Bailey was their hired vendor of blossoms and even he couldn't believe the lengths they went to decorating.

I'd bet it's safe to say that very few people could afford to shell out $3.5 million for a few hours of celebrating. And I'm sure that if you are reading this blog you probably don't have a $700,000 budget for flowers. But here's the good news, you don't have to a huge budget to get the flowers you want. While you might spend $400 on your dream bouquet at your local florist, keep in mind those flowers are only meant to last a few hours. Why not choose to have the flowers of your dreams for a significantly lower cost and still have them around to celebrate your golden anniversary?

However if you do have a $700,000 budget for flowers, can I come to your wedding? I'd love to see that much money in action!