2009 Bookings

Welcome to day 7 of the New Year! Are you ready to get crack-a-lackin on the wedding plans? I still have openings for this year, so be sure and fill out the Bridal Checklist to get a custom, free and quick quote.

Congratulations to my newest brides of 2009- Audrey and Aimee. I'm really looking forward to sharing with you their design ideas and show you how everything comes together for each of their weddings.

This tends to be the craziest part of the year for me because once the new year hits, lots of brides have an "oh crap" moment where they realize exactly how much they have to do to plan their wedding. But everyone take a deep breath *inhale* with me for one second *exhale.* Good! Even if you have procrastinated in choosing flowers, I can still get you beautiful, custom, and designer wedding flowers weeks ahead of your big day. Doesn't having one less thing on your mind sound simply relaxing? So start out your new year with a plan: enjoy this season of your life, get perfectly punctual flowers, have your dream wedding, live happily ever after.

The End!