Efficient Flowers!

It's been a while but I've got some pretty flowers to show for it! This is the time of year where life gets crazy, and if you are planning a wedding at this time, I imagine you are really feeling the stress. I just finished flowers for a bride, Michelle, who after recently adopting a baby girl, got engaged and bought a house all within a few months of each other. So, as you can imagine, she hasn't had the time or energy to focus on many of the details of wedding planning.

Her wedding coordinator and friend, Ruth, contacted me about flowers and I have since been working through her to get Michelle's flowers just right. Michelle's colors and purple and white but she wanted to bring in hints of red. She chose a cascade style bouquet and a simple boutonniere for her fiance'.

She was pretty open to ideas so I made some suggestions and got to work. The cascade is such a classic style but always looks elegant. Spreading out the roses and framing with ivy gave it a very sophisticated look. And we brought that touch of red into the bouquet with some small accent flowers in a red that was closer on the color wheel to purple. That helped us avoid such stark contrasts between the red and purple. For the bout', a single white rose with leaves and some sheer purple ribbon completed this custom set of flowers for Michelle.

From the time I got the original call from Ruth to dropping it off at the post office, this order took just a few e-mails and a few weeks time. Michelle loves her flowers and loves that she has them a month early. When you have as much on your plate as she does, every little bit helps. I'm happy to be a part of this exciting and celebratory time in their lives. Thanks Michelle and Ruth!