Discover Wedding Helps in Community Resources

Sometimes finding wedding resources is as simple as opening the yellow pages. But sometimes wedding resources pop up in unexpected places. The other day, I received our seasonal community education catalog and was surprised and delighted to find some great wedding resources available to my community! Check your local resources to see if you have anything interesting classes like the ones I found:

Wedding Dance Workshop: What a great way to dust off those dance moves and get some helpful pointers for your big day.

Earring Extravangza: Still searching for the perfect jewelry either for you or your bridesmaids? Take this class and equip yourself with the tools and knowledge for creating beautiful custom earrings for your wedding day.

Wedding Invitations: This class gives you the opportunity to gather ideas from an expert while creating samples that range from simple and elegant to detailed and ornate. Test it out and see if you've got an eye for paper products:)

Wedding Planning on a Budget: We probably could have all used this class at one point! You'll learn tips and ideas about staying organized, choosing vendors and locations, and avoiding the budget traps.

There may also be a wealth of related classes that could be adapted to help you prepare for your wedding. For instance, consider looking into fitness and recreational sports classes to help you get into great shape for your beautiful gown. Also, earring making isn't the only crafty class that might come in handy -- consider a possible soap making class to learn how to make useful and unique favors. Take a photography class to help you understand what kind of shots are must-haves and be prepared when meeting with your photographer. Take knitting classes to make socks for your groomsmen or scarves for your bridesmaids.

The big lesson in all of this to keep on the lookout for wedding inspiration in even the most unlikely places and you might be surprised. Look into what your community has to offer and be prepared to jump right in and just have a great time while educating yourself.