A big decision -- how to choose flowers perfect for YOU

Sometimes nailing down a certain design idea for your wedding is a no-brainer, "pink linens and candlelight of course!" And other times there are big, looming details that can intimidate and threaten your planning pace. I often meet with brides who come to me, pictures in hand, with a very specific plan for their arrangements. And about just as often I have conversations with brides who have no idea where to start in designing their bouquets.

Alana, one such bride and self-proclaimed "Southern hippy chick" knew what colors and what style but had no clue as to what flowers. To make matters more dramatic, she had numerous people telling her that what she wanted wouldn't work, which only made her want it more!

The big breakthrough in choosing flowers came when I simply asked her what she didn't like. It was as simple as that! We narrowed down the field of contenders and landed on some of her favorite flowers that would work perfectly with her theme. She now has a gorgeous cream/pink/pale green bouquet of peonies, gardenia, orchids, ranunculus and hydrangea that have become her dream bouquet. Her vibrant bridesmaid bouquets hit the mark with purple hydrangea and ranunculus, orange ranunculus, and green orchids. From the customized flower selection down to the hand-picked champagne ribbon, these bouquets were designed with her in mind and she couldn't be happier!

Your story may not fall into place as easily as hers, but there's no reason you still can't have the perfect bouquet, even if you don't know what it looks like. Take time to search online for images of flowers or bouquets that coordinate with colors or styles that you are drawn to. And if you still come up empty-handed, one phone call or e-mail may be all it takes to find exactly what you've been looking for.