Make Your Colors Fit Your Style: Citrus With a Twist

Today's post is all about getting the most out of your colors. I've chosen three vibrant colors to show how easy it can be to adapt flowers in your favorite colors to fit the season or location.

I started with tangerine, lemon, and lime as my colors and chose flowers that were both classic and contemporary: Lemon roses, lime-green Button Mums, and tangerine Vanda Orchids. With such different textures and shapes, this bouquet is inherently engaging. However, I wanted to take it a step further.

Let's start with seasons. This bouquet looks bright and summery, but what if you want to add the delicate feel of spring? Doing something as simple as adding in cream Rock Cress brings in another size of flower, giving it that "picked from the meadow" feel.

Having a fall wedding but don't want to go the expected route? Try adding foliage and berries in toned down versions of your main colors. These Hypericum berries and olive-colored Astilbe leaves add interest to the bouquet while keeping it festive.

Many of my brides have chosen silk for it's portability! My flowers have seen the beaches of Mexico more times than I have. While the colors and the orchids have a tropical quality, we can enhance that by framing the bouquet in Monsteria leaves. It adds a nice backing and makes the bouquet fit right in with its exotic surroundings.

So before you overlook a bouquet because it doesn't quite "fit," think about how to get the most out of the colors, style, and flowers.