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Dried Bouquet Fail: Silk Wedding Bouquets that Last

Melanie contacted me with something I'm learning is a pretty common problem. Her bridal bouquet didn't dry very well and ended up living in a box since they got married 10 years ago.  Don't let a dried wedding bouquet fail keep you from remembering how beautiful your bridal bouquet really was! With a couple emailed pictures, some details from memory and a few weeks time, you too can have a lasting bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers from your special day. Take a look at how Melanie's bouquet recreation turned out!

Melanie's bouquet consisted of cream Roses, white Stephanotis and some Rose greens. I finished it off with a simple white satin ribbon with a hint of the stems showing for an almost exact match to her elegant hand tied bouquet.

Photo from Duggan Studios

When planning our wedding ten years ago, I had loved the idea of silk flowers for my bouquet so that I could keep and display them forever. However, the local business I contacted was unable to squeeze our small event in, so I went with real flowers instead. After the wedding, I let the bouquet dry but it didn’t end up looking as nice as I’d hoped. I never displayed it, instead relegating it to a closet.

In January of this year, with our ten year anniversary approaching, I again thought about silk flowers, this time as a way to recreate my bridal bouquet. When I searched online, Love Is Blooming was one of the top results. I looked through Erin’s work and was sold immediately. If she could create such stunning, vivid, and detailed bouquets for other clients, I knew my simple bouquet would turn out perfectly. And it did! Finally, after a decade, I have a bouquet I can display and be proud of.

Erin’s work is beautiful, her prices are reasonable, and she completed my bouquet more quickly than I anticipated. I absolutely would recommend her to others.
— Melanie | Alabama

If you find yourself in the same situation as Melanie and that dried bouquet just looks a little sad, send me an email to find out how to bring your bouquet back to it's former glory with a silk flower bouquet recreation!

Displaying your Bridal Bouquet

Got this sweet email just the other day. If you are wondering how to display your bridal bouquet, you can be sure that you won't get long lasting enjoyment like Anna will! Consider having a bridal bouquet recreation in silk flowers to have an awesome reminder of your wedding day that will last forever. Here's another post about Anna's beautiful anniversary bouquet.

image1 (2).jpeg
Just wanted to say thank you again :)

This beauty lives on my dresser and makes me smile every day!
— Anna | Washington

If you are interested in having a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers, contact me to find out how to get started!

Bridal Bouquet Recreation- Treat Yo Self!

Katie emailed me a few weeks ago looking to have her bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers. What I thought was awesome is that she was hoping to have her silk bouquet in time to celebrate Valentine's Day with her husband. Such a great idea and I love that she bought her bouquet as a Valentine's gift to herself and her husband. Treat yo self, right?

Her unique bouquet was filled with beautiful champagne Roses, blue and white Hydrangea, lime green Button Mums, green Hypericum berries, yellow Heather, Leather Fern, and these awesome twisty glitter twigs. So despite the weather being still cold and white up here in the north, I was able to track down these gorgeous spring/summer flowers and colors and put it all together to help Katie and her husband celebrate Valentine's Day together. 

Take a look at her Valentine's bouquet recreation!

I was so in love with everything about my wedding day, my dress, my new husband of course and my flowers. Now after having my beautiful bouquet recreated I can look at those flowers sitting on my table and smile, remembering all the happy memories I have of my special day. They are a perfect match and I couldn’t have asked for a better recreation. Thank you so much!
— Katie | Pennsylvania

Here's the original bouquet and our lovely bride Katie! If you are in Pennsylvania and are looking for a great photographer, check out Catchlight Photography!


You don't have to wait until the next Valentine's Day to consider this awesome gift! Got a birthday coming up? Treat yo self! Celebrating an anniversary? Treat yo self! Really like reliving your big day? Treat yo self!

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1 Year Anniversary Gift: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation

Andreas just seems to be one of those guys who cherishes his wife. I mean he was already planning for an awesome 1st anniversary by having his wife's bridal bouquet recreated. She sure is lucky!

Whether you are looking for a 1 year anniversary gift or maybe it's your 50th anniversary, you can't go wrong by gifting her a piece of her wedding day memories!

Cream Roses, Lavender Roses, Mauve Hydrangea, Baby's Breath, Hydrangea Leaves, Burlap and Ribbon.

Here's a photo of the happy couple on their big day! Don't they look so happy??

When we damaged my wife’s original bouquet during our move to our new house, I knew what the perfect anniversary gift would be for her. That’s where Erin came in. She was very helpful and matched our flowers perfectly. Even the smallest details I didn’t even think about. I can’t wait till they arrive so I can surprise my wife with them!
— Andreas | California

And here's what Andreas' wife had to say about receiving her bouquet:

Andreas is my husband and he gifted me this beautiful bouquet! When I opened this gift I couldn’t help but be so thankful that he had this bouquet made for me! Thank you so much for helping him make me the happiest lady all over again!
— Megan | California
Photo credit: JLynn Photo

Photo credit: JLynn Photo

If you are interested in having a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers in Minneapolis, California (like Andreas) or beyond, contact me now to get started!

Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreation In A Short Timeframe

I like a good challenge and I'm competitive. So when Andrew contacted me about recreating his wife's bridal bouquet in silk flowers and said he understood if I couldn't get it done before his November 20th anniversary, I mentally told him, "Challenge accepted." Then I wrote him a polite email about how I was going to make it happen. Here's a side-by-side comparison.

Bridal Bouquet Recreation (left) and original (right). Original bouquet photo provided by: Kaley Martin Film + Photo (on Facebook) or

Ever since we have been married my wife has been raving about how much she loved her bouquet. Our first anniversary was coming up when I found Love is Blooming on the internet. From the first email with Erin I knew that getting my wife’s bouquet recreated was a good idea! The whole process was so easy, and quick! Erin made the most beautiful recreation of my wife’s bouquet, and my wife was overwhelmed when she saw them. I would highly recommend working with Love is Blooming for whatever you are looking for, you will not regret it!!
— Andrew | Alabama

If you are interested in having a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers, get in touch with me, not matter how tight your time frame might be. Though, the sooner the better;)

Better Gift Giving: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreations- Part 3

Here's the last of the Christmas gift rush stories: a beautiful wild-flower silk bridal bouquet near and dear to Lee's heart. Lee was hesitant to have this gorgeous bridal bouquet recreated for his wife because he worried it was going to look cheap and tacky.  I assured him that I shop at neither or Tackytown Supply Stores. Those are not real places, and if they were I would boycott them. Part of the reason Lee was on the fence is that he designed his wife's bouquet as a surprise on their wedding day. She had decided she didn't need flowers and Lee decided that was nonsense. Smart man, right? So he met with a florist and chose the flowers and style for his wife to carry. Now you can understand why he wanted to get this right! Take a look at the outcome!

I just wanted to let you know that my wife Jessica absolutely loved the flowers you created! They look beautiful on our table for display.
— Lee | Michigan

And the original bouquet. Photography provided by Steven at Photos By Blair. If you are a Michigan couple, check out his website!


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Better Gift Giving: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreations- Part 2

As I mentioned in part 1, Christmas was a popular occasion to have a bridal bouquet recreated in silk flowers. But don't forget about those anniversaries sprinkled in the holiday season. Matthew had one of those lovely winter weddings that he wanted to commemorate.  Take a look at what we came up with as we worked together to get it just right:

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Better Gift Giving: Silk Bridal Bouquet Recreations - Part 1

I'm no Santa Clause, but I got to play one this year!  I had two requests right at the end of the year to do a silk bridal bouquet recreation in time for Christmas. What a great gift right? Skip the perfume and the fuzzy socks and take a minute to honor your wedding day and your special bride. Love it!

Bob sent me a couple photos and I got to work tracking down all the components. Take a look at what I came up with!

My wife absolutely loved the recreation of her wedding bouquet!! Erin did an amazing job with just a couple pictures. We couldn’t be happier with the results!!
— Bob | Conneticut

Here's the original bouquet. Bob's awesome Aunt was their photographer and captured these great images that allowed me to recreate this beautiful bouquet.


If it seems like planning a Christmas gift this early would be a little ridiculous, I would agree. But what about Valentine's Day? It's the perfect opportunity to remind your bride that she's worth it!  Contact me to get the process started to become a better gift-giver;)