Fresh Touch Flowers Feature: Calla Lilies

As a designer silk florist, I work really hard to change people's perceptions about using silk flowers for their weddings.  Sometimes they think I'm using bargain bin craft store flowers.  Other times, they can't get it out of their head what their Aunt Milly whipped together with dusty ivy and fraying daisies for her own wedding.

All I have to do is introduce them to one of these fresh touch Calla Lilies and they tend to agree, right along with me, that these are the best silk wedding flowers in the world, the best in the universe, the best in the stratosphere!  Can you tell I love these babies?!
This, folks, is why designer silk wedding flowers are worth your time...

Botanically accurate feel and appearance.

Seamless stems.

What a gorgeous wedding bouquet--and for a fraction of what you would pay for fresh callas!  These amazing flowers will look great months before, moments before, and years after your wedding.  Fill out a bridal checklist today to find out how I can incorporate these picture perfect, fresh touch Calla Lilies in your wedding flowers.
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