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Silk wedding corsages and BOUTONNIERES


Remember, you don’t have to worry about pinned corsages losing their shape or appearance by well-wisher’s hugs. Also, they will never stain clothing or wilt like fresh flowers.
— Silk wedding flower designer Erin Zubert

Chances are, you have some important women in your life: mothers, aunts, grandmothers, cousins, sisters, friends, even your wedding coordinator all deserve something special. Express your gratitude with a beautiful corsage as a way of recognizing your special relationship with them.

Corsages can be simple yet elegant, or intricate and exquisite. Choose a style and flowers that match your bouquet or customize them to match the style and personality of the woman it’s for.

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Your groom is as unique as you are, that’s why he deserves a boutonniere that fits his style too.
— Silk wedding flower designer Erin Zubert

Want your guys to stand out? Set apart the special men in your life with a boutonniere crafted to honor them.

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