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Silk Bridal Bouquet REcreations

Create Her "happily ever after" all over again



Give an everlasting recreation of her wedding bridal bouquet

Your wedding day was one of the happiest! But celebrating it with another trinket or specialty chocolate doesn't really convey your thoughtfulness, does it?

Recreating a replica wedding bouquet in silk flowers is the perfect anniversary gift for your wife, grandma, sister, or daughter. It captures all the details of that very special day and offers a gift that lasts.

Original Bouquet


our Process

You're just 3 steps away from major brownie points:

1) Send a photo of the original bridal bouquet to be recreated

Starting with a clear photograph of the original, we work to find the right flowers to recreate the wedding bouquet in high quality silk wedding flowers.

2) Watch in wonder as we masterfully design your replica bouquet

During the design process, we'll send a photo to show how the bouquet is coming together before you receive the finished product. Bouquets can be recreated almost exactly like the original, or altered to create an inspired design suited for display purposes upon request.

3) Watch the mail and plan the unveiling of your best gift ever

Please take pictures and send us your story so we can share it with people who want to be as smart as you are.

Recreated Bouquet

I could not believe the attention to detail and how it looked exactly like the original, live wedding bouquet.
— Bob W. | Minnesota
...she was spellbound (and it got a lot of likes on facebook)!
— Nick B. | Minnesota

REcent Bridal Bouquet Recreations

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